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A Celebration of Art and Storytelling

Deathcap Expo is an event for comic book fans looking for something a little more independent and underground. This 3 day event features Special Guest Q&A, Book Signings, food truck catering, and a special spotlight on Pilot Comics. All located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.





Lanyard Pass
Survival App
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Deathcap Survival App

Everything you need to make it through your 3 day experience. This App comes complete with a Floor Plan, information on special guests, a guide to Artist's Alley, special photo opportunities, and menus for food truck catering.

Experiential Event

Rin Silverton's Sword

This sword was given to Rin by Dr. Frost so that he could protect the people he cares about from the creatures of darkness called the Obsidian. By wearing a special wristband, this sword is coded to be summoned to any location with the will of the wearer.

A wooden replica was made so that you too can defend yourself from Obsidian! Post to social media so that you can share your experience with friends and family. #rinscometsword

Press Wall - Andrew.png
3D Table Set Up
Comics Showcase

Guardian Angels

What if every person had a Guardian Angel that followed them around from the moment of their birth to their death? What if these Angels were also writers that documented our travels as we traversed through life? This is the story of a young man who has lost his way, and his Guardian Angel that tries to help him by showing all of his ancestors' struggles and reminding him that everyone has a story that deserves to be told.

Guardian Angels Cover

Prince Allen

In a time where Kings and Queens ruled the land, and Dragons and Fairies roamed free. Spells are cast and battles are fought that decide the fate of many kingdoms. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Prince Allen must find a way to revive his fallen love while learning the limits of what magic can do... and what it means to be a worthy king.

Prince Allen Cover.png
Rin's Comet Pilot Part I Cover A.jpg

Rin's Comet

Once every 16 years, a comet passes by the planet Aeora, granting power to the creatures below called the Obsidian. Mankind must battle the Obsidian to survive, but things are not as they seem.  Rin Silverton must discover the secrets that revolve around the Obsidian in order to protect not only himself and his friends, but also the world he lives in.


Out from the scolding waters of old mystic ways reveal the pink eyes of hope. The earth, irreversibly damaged… The populous, changed for better, and for worse. In an age where your curse can be your greatest ally, Maggie Adkins must fight the unsightly terminal illness that has plagued her bloodline for generations. Follow her as she refuses to give into her doomed fate with unbreaking conviction. Yes, it is grim, but fear not; for when she travels the Sourlands, she does not travel alone.

Plagued Chapter 0 Cover A.jpg
The Greatest Adventure Cover.png

The Greatest Adventure

Going to the moon was the first step, sending robots to Mars was the next. What could be greater than the greatest pilgrimage in human history, sending humans to live on Mars.

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